Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not only attractive they are very hard wearing and durable. Touch Wood Timber Flooring uses Sustainable timber from Boral Timber’s sustainably managed forests. With a huge range in colour choice and excellent quality, we have the hardwood floor for your needs.

Hardwood floors add beauty and class to your home, creating warmth they are not only a gorgeous addition to the décor of your home they are Durable and stable underfoot and increase the value of your property.

a) Australian species Hardwood: T&G. EM> 80x19mm or 130x19mm or 180x21mm
Blackbutt, Stingry Bark, Australian Beech, Mix White, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood, Brush Box, Blue Gum, Rose Gum, Grey Gum, Mix Red, Western Kirri, Turpentine, Jarrah, Red Mahogany, Grey Ironbark, Red Ironbark

b) Prefinished Solid Timber

  • Installing a hardwood floor is worth the time and effort and we can make it easy for you by doing all the work!
  • Hardwood floors look better as time goes by
  • Hardwood floors can be stained to suit your home and style
  • Hardwood floors can be installed on concrete or timber
  • No need for sanding & polishing after installation
  • Import Hardwood Prefinished: T&G EM> 1830x90x18mm; Kempas, Jatoba, Vitex, Merbau